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Stacy Cahill, owner

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As a professional photographer for weddings commercial/event marketing in the Bay Area for over 10 years, I am thrilled to now have a physical studio in the Sierra Mountain Foothills. From the studio, I can welcome guests of ALL ages into a cozy, clean and convenient space for consultations, photo sessions, and print orders! I love wedding photography. but after I had my 2nd child in 2011, it gave me courage to expand into the newborn portrait world. I love the ability to follow my brides through all stages of life... from "i do" through pregnancy and onto birth! 

Photography as Communication

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However, I just can't seem to limit myself to one or two types of photography! As much as I love portraits, my heart is still with helping other business owners tell their story. Whether it's personal branding, marketing, social media....I listen to my clients' needs, and together we create amazing, fresh content!

Sharing Stories


One thing I have always been awful at is printing my photos! I know, I know, pretty strange I would admit that considering what I do for a living.... BUT, that is the point! If it's hard for me to get images off my phone or camera and into frames, it's even harder for everyone else! Let's not just take photos, let's MAKE ART together! Want to get photos ON your walls?  To look at, and bring you joy every. single. day?! Sometimes it takes the luxury of having someone else do it for you to make it happen!